Autumn Glory

In the cool of autumn Araluen puts on a new and colourful coat as deciduous trees become clothed in red, orange, yellow, and gold autumn tones. A show not to be missed!

Our collection is special due to the cooler climate and shelter of the valley.

Genetics play a major role in the timing of the leaves falling and the sequence of species from early to late in the season. Some lose their leaves in early April while others hold their green leaves before colouring later in May and even June.

The weather affects the intensity and duration of the display. The best colours develop when the weather is dry and calm with cold nights and cool days. Temperatures especially at night and in the early morning are cold enough in the Park to trigger colour formation. However, in windy wet weather the leaves are blown off the trees often before significant colour can develop or hold on the trees. So the colours may vary during the season depending on rainy spells and the display may be better some years than others.

You can read more about our trees HERE.

Make sure to come explore the Gardens during April and May to revive your senses with the colours, scents and sounds of this season.

Upcoming Events

Araluen Botanic Park’s stunning bushland landscape sets a memorable scene for so many events during the year. With a stunning natural backdrop, and cultivated garden spaces the Park hosts music concerts, treasure hunts, civic events, garden festivals and live art exhibitions. We are a popular picturesque location for weddings and live theatre productions. Below you will find some of the upcoming events and activities being hosted across the Park for you and your family to enjoy. Be sure to check in for the seasonal school holiday activities which always book out quickly.