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Application Forms:

The 2021 Its Yates Springtime at Araluen featuring our popular Tulip Festival is fast approaching and Araluen Botanic Park is looking for vendors and entertainers for weekends during Springtime festival (20th August until 3rd of October), and also during weekdays (Thursday to Friday) during September.

Information for food and coffee vendors: we are aiming to offer a variety of food for customers by rotating the vendors. Over the past five years, Araluen has welcomed 2000-3000 visitors on weekends. The Park opens to the public from 9am until 6pm with last entry being 5pm. Vendors are invited to trade at our festival for up to two weekends of the six-week period. Vendors will be required to stay on site during their trading dates and we ask that each vendor be self-sufficient. Should vendors be using own power, then all items must be tagged and compliant with AS. They will be checked. Araluen has power supply available, but cables or special items are available at cost, see the vendor application for pricing. All vendors must be compliant with all local government regulations and hold current and appropriate food handling certificates, insurance and comply with Covid-19 Risk Management requirements to be eligible to trade at Araluen. Submissions must also include a copy of: Business licence, Public liability insurance, COVID safe documentation, and a proposed menu including indicative prices. Applications close Friday 23rd July 2021. Successful vendors will be notified by Friday 6th August 2021.

Once the document is completed please return the form to

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