The dominant natural tree of the Valley, within and surrounding the Park is Marri. Other naturally occurring large trees are Jarrah, Eucalyptus pattens (Blackbutt) and flooded gum. The Jarrah was once significant but has been logged at least twice now and plays a minor role in the bushland around Araluen. These and the mature exotic trees create an essential framework for the gardens. The rich bark textures, foliage shapes, seed capsule and fragrances of the flowering varieties is a discovery for the senses. The trees emerging in the Park and includes ornamental blossom trees like Springtime cherry, Magnolias, ornamental pear, apple, and flowering plums, through to Crepe Myrtles and flowering Rhododendrons. They put on a delightful display of colour throughout the year.

All of the trees at Araluen are subject to special care under the annual Arbor program and where possible retained for their heritage value. There is over 3000 trees logged on our Arbor database under the care of a highly professional specialist Arbor organisation.