Best Use of Chatbot in Social Media

This national accolade: in recognition of the innovative campaign, delivered at the peak of Covid-19 in 2020.

Mid-2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Araluen Botanic Park faced a challenging decision whereby General Manager, Suzy Parravicini, was required to assess the feasibility of proceeding with the tradition of hosting our annual Tulip Festival.

Being the Tulip Festival the main annual source of funds for the Park (a non-profit organisation) it was essential to conceptualise an innovative campaign to sale the pre-purchased tulip bulbs.

After reaching out to Amberlea Henriques at AdSocial, known for her interactive marketing technologies, a new concept came to life: Araluen Botanic Park would bring the festival to the homes of the 1000’s of budding gardens, selling tulip bulbs as DIY gardening kits.

The bulbs were sold via social media, and a series of educational videos, filmed in conjunction with event sponsor Yates Gardening were delivered to buyers in accordance with the expected weekly growth to help them care for their tulips.

All of this was done seamlessly from a paid advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram – into a 1:1 direct message conversation, which involved the use of automated robotic messages, pre-programmed to be sent via Facebook Messenger without human assistance.

This was not only an effective way to engage with the community but also an award-winning strategy on how to leverage social media in extraordinary ways.

We are now proud to announce our WIN from the Social Media Marketing Institute of Australia in celebration with our agency partner, AdSocial.

We believe that adapting to change is what determines success and we are committed to keep seeking innovative ways to promote the Park and to enhance our visitors’ experience.

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